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How to set up your new Suntrust Online Banking Account

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Internet Banking is a handy option recommended by most banking institutions that have moved over gradually to digital access these days. It offers the users the easy alternative to access their bank accounts and watch frequently their updated transactions any time during the day or night. They do not have to go through the painful task of visiting their bank branch to know how much money they have in their account. The Suntrust online banking program guarantees the same facility and has been used by its customers with great satisfaction. All Suntrust account users can effortlessly look into their accounts from home or anywhere by setting up a Suntrust Online banking account themselves. It is free to start and use forever. Here is how you can do it…

Go to the Suntrust home page on your computer.

 There is a link in the middle of the homepage on the left hand side that says ‘Sign up.’ Once you click that, you will be taken to the page that displays the Suntrust online enrolment form which says “Welcome to SunTrust Online Banking with Bill Pay!”


Move over to the bottom of this enrollment page. You will see the three Suntrust online banking choices. You will have to choose from the three options by marking the required button. Click the ‘Begin enrollment’ button.


You will be next taken to the page for verification. Enter the last 5 digits of your social security number at the required place in the form.


Insert your Suntrust bank account number in the second blank field of the verification form.


Finally fill in the zip code of the address registered with Suntrust bank. This is where you receive the bank statements.


Press the ‘continue enrollment’ button. The verification and enrollment process for your Suntrust online banking operations is now completed.


You will then be asked to give your email address and then select a user name and password for access to your new Suntrust online banking account. Please select a password that you alone can easily remember. Do not note and store the password anywhere on your computer. It is best if you can keep it in your head. You can now log in for the first time.


One word of caution though. Double check the information before you submit the enrollment form online. Even slight errors can force Suntrust to put your account in a hold. You will then have the painful task of going to the bank branch for help in getting the lock on your account removed.


You can rest assured that your Suntrust online banking account is most safe to use because security is top concern at Suntrust. The Suntrust website is secure and encrypted.



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