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SunTrust Online Banking with BillPay – $150 Bonus

SunTrust Bank is offering up to $150 in banking bonuses for customers who use Online Banking with Bill Pay, valid when you register for this SunTrust Bank promotion by April 30, 2010. The promotion is available for both new and existing customers, though the bonus offer does differ a bit for each. New SunTrust Bank customers can earn up to $150 in banking bonuses, while current SunTrust Bank customers can earn a $100 bank bonus. Extra $50 For New Customers The ...

Enjoy The Many Benefits Of Suntrust Business Banking Today

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Do you know the benefits of online banking? Forget going to your bank just to check your account balance or make other transactions. Thanks to the internet, life is easier with the convenience of online banking. Anyone who is engaged in business will certainly appreciate the convenience online banking offers.

Suntrust understands the needs of every client that is why Suntrust Business Banking is easy, convenient, and quick just the way you want it. There are many advantages you get when you do banking online. This is also true with business owners who want to maximize their time and limit unnecessary trips to the bank.

Check your financial information anytime of the day at the convenience of your own home or office. Do you need to keep track of the money coming in and out of your account? Do you need to know if your client already deposited the money he owes you? With Suntrust Business Banking all you have to do is login to your account and with just a few clicks of the mouse you will be able to verify any information you need regarding your account.


Small businesses will especially benefit from Suntrust Business Banking. Do you hate the time wasted while standing in line to do some bank transactions when it should be a more productive time attending to your business? With online banking just deposit your money at the bank’s ATM. You then have the option to check your balance online. Whatever questions you have regarding your account will all be answered online.


Don’t worry if you have separate accounts. You can easily transfer money from one account to the other without any fuzz. Doing business banking with Suntrust spells convenience right at the tip of your fingertips. These are just among the many benefits you enjoy when you bank online.

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