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The 7 Top Reasons Why You Should Be Banking Online

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Online banking is gaining major popularity all over the world. Even though this method of banking may seem to be restrictive to some. Cutting you off from direct access to your hard earned money. Since you can’t ‘withdraw’ straight from computer to cash money. Even though this is true, banking online has other advantages over conventional banking methods. The following 7 are the main reasons why online banking is so popular.


Hopefully after reading these you too will switch methods.

1. Convenience – Online banking is accessible for all services offered by conventional banks 24/7. This includes transfers, getting your statement, checking your account balance, and even online shopping to name a few.

2. Piece of mind – automatically know where your money is or went. Online banking provides instant real time access to your banking transactions.

3. Mobility – You have access to your account information no matter where you may be located in the world. Many times access is faster than that of a walk in branch.

4. Online banking is often cheaper than that of its conventional counterpart.

5. It is Green! – Think of how much you are helping the Earth by not getting your statements mailed to you! How many trees would you save in a years time by foregoing the monthly statement.

6. Higher interest rates – usually banks will offer higher rates to those who bank soley online. You are rewarded for saving them time as well.

7. Security – even though online banking seems vulnerable, as long as you keep your account information secret and exercise due caution when giving anyone your information your money is safe.

As you can see from the list above there really is nothing you can’t do in online banking. Except for withdrawing cash from your home computer of course!

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