SunTrust Online Banking with BillPay – $150 Bonus

SunTrust Bank is offering up to $150 in banking bonuses for customers who use Online Banking with Bill Pay, valid when you register for this SunTrust Bank promotion by April 30, 2010. The promotion is available for both new and existing customers, though the bonus offer does differ a bit for each. New SunTrust Bank customers can earn up to $150 in banking bonuses, while current SunTrust Bank customers can earn a $100 bank bonus. Extra $50 For New Customers The ...

The Benefits of Suntrust Internet Banking

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 Many people are concerned about the safety of web banking. This is quite normal, as there are many tales of identity theft, as well as financial theft. Due to these unfortunate events, banking websites now make use of the highest levels of security.  


One of the reasons why Suntrust is one of the top banks of America nowadays is because it boasts of  web banking. Gone are the days when you need to really go personally at the bank’s branches just to transfer money or check your balance. Now, with internet banking services, like the Suntrust Internet Banking, one can already able to monitor his / her banking transactions, check the balance and even pay bills online. An account owner can also do such transactions online through the smart phone or mobile devices, like the iPad.

Thus, banking with Suntrust, has just made accessible. Its customers these days can already enjoy the opportunity to do the Suntrust Internet Banking, anytime and anywhere they need the service. With such technological advancement, Suntrust bank can surely attract more clients, like the corporate and institutional clients. With this kind of service, this bank can surely continue to be one of the biggest financial services holding companies of America.

Aside from having the Suntrust Internet Banking service, it also has branches which are reachable and convenient. The branches and ATMs of Suntrust are distributed into different states of the United States. In fact, based on an estimate, Suntrust bank has already 2808 ATMs and over 1670 retail branches all over USA. Thus, its customers have an easy access to the bank and, therefore, enjoy the banking benefits in Sunstrust, such as money transfer, deposit, exchange, et cetera. Each state has different numbers of branches, depending on its size.

 So, if you are in Georgia or Florida, for instance, you can actually find one Suntrust bank location in each of their major cities. But, you should not worry that much with the bank locations, because of the Suntrust Internet Banking. Again, with it, you can enjoy the bank’s services whenever and wherever you are in the globe.

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